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Here I am, setting up a new blog on Russian private law. Despite some political tensions between my country and the Western world as well as some (unfortunately traditional) economical turbulence I do believe that there are lots of people who think about doing business in Russia. Higher risks are often compensated with higher profits so with a little bit of luck and some knowledge in the law everything can start working well for you! Surprisingly I didn't find any regularly updated blog or site on the topic so I decided to fill the gap on my own. 
A few words about myself should be said. My name is Ghennady Vasiliev, I graduated from the Faculty of Law of Saint-Petersburg State University which our president Vladimir Putin had graduated 25 years before. Over the years of my studying the current Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the current Minister of Justice Alexander Konovalov and several of Judges of the Russian Constitutional Court lectured me. After graduation the University I competed a Candidate Degree Paper (the Russian equivalent of PhD) under the leadership of Anton Ivanov, the Head of the High Arbitrage Court of Russia). The Paper was about the transfer of ownership on movables and I still think It was a good piece of work. Then had been working as a lecture on private law in the Faculty and as a vice-rector of the University in maintenance until retired in the March 2016. 
As for the subject matter of the blog, I'm going to write about different aspects of Russian private law, but not about all of them. Basically I'm interested in the law of real estate, sales of goods, consumer law, housing law and, finally, family law. I suppose nothing will be said about company law and securities or about the law of inheritance unless I am asked about them.
As I can't cover all the topics at once, I'm going to write mostly news about the development of Russian private law giving some explanations about basic concepts where necessary. If something remains uncertain for you, please, do not hesitate to ask me - I'm try my best to explain you everything you need. 
I should apologies for my inevitable mistakes in English. I'm not a native speaker and have never lived in English-speaking country for more than a month. So I do appreciate any corrections in spelling or wording or anything else. 

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