Saturday, 25 February 2017

On-line court proceedings coming soon...

A week ago Russian Parliament voted for pushing the Internet further in the litigation to make it more transparent. A draft to let all types of proceedings, including even criminal one, to be transmitted on the web site on-line, passed the lower Chamber of the Parliament. According to the draft, some general requirements should be fulfilled for the filming namely keeping order in the courtroom and prohibiting interfering the procedure. The main restriction would apparently be the necessity to get the court permission for shooting, the latter being reluctant for being filmed. 

However, just the same way a decade ago there were lots of speculations on the idea to publish all courts decisions in the Internet, plenty of jurists and journalists backed the idea, while claiming the judges would resist. Nowadays, when the publication became a commonplace, they proved to be wrong. So on-line court proceedings will definitely have to overcome some confrontation but in the near future we shall all get accustomed to it.  

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